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The Price of Everything, the Value of Nothing….

| Video Production | November 13, 2014

The cost for video is often the first thing we are asked. Video is probably more variable than any other creative there is. For the same film quotes will range from £30,000 + from ad agencies who have a large management structure to pay for (ahem) through to £500 for someone you know with a camera.

If you shop around, good quality production companies should offer value (and more importantly quality and insurance). The price of producing video has come down, namely because production equipment and running costs have come down. So when getting a cost you should see what the breakdown is and then compare.

If you are well organised and have planned well (your production company should help here) then there is an opportunity to shoot multiple videos on a given shooting day. This offers you the opportunity for meeting requirements for different audiences, other products and services and thought leadership.

Remember that when you book a crew you book them for the whole day. You may think that 4 videos means 4 x paying for crew days. It doesn’t. Footage, interviews and more can be shot with multiple films in mind; the graphics developed will effect all films and the edit will tend to fit a format that’s already laid out, thus saving time and cost.

Therefore, instead of paying say £4,000 for one film, your bill becomes £1,300-£1,500 per film. We think that’s a saving worth knowing about.




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