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Business Video – The 5 Step Programme

| Video Content, Video Marketing, Video Production | September 01, 2015

The Business Video 5 Step Guide.

Choosing the right type of video for your company often creates a lot of debate. Appreciation of video is quite personal and therefore opinions can differ wildly in any one business. We heavily recommend that a business rather than looking at individual videos addressing individual (or multiple) issues your video has to start with an overarching strategy. Your video content needs to address the needs of people throughout the buying process. This 5 step programme offers the wireframe to that strategy..

About us
Think of your content as you would your website. There will be prospects that would like to know more about you, to see the whites of your eyes. Your ‘about us’ content should be what you would like the public to see like this one from cycling insurer Bikmo Plus..

Bikmo Plus : Straight Talking Cycle Insurance from Bikmo on Vimeo.

Work for us
Your future employees are watching video. You therefore need to be producing content that can appeal to that audience without sounding like some out of touch distant relative. HSBC have a whole channel dedicated to it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 14.54.38

What we do

Time to show off. This is where your experts show their credibility and thought leadership. This type of content is designed to inform and build trust. Yours is a business people can be confident in working with. Here’s one we prepared earlier!

Our customers
Customer testimonials are the ultimate sales aid and shows your service or product in context. Case study films are essential for business. You may work in industries that aren’t visual so being able to tell a story from a customer’s point of view resonates, like this from HP.

Discover us
YouTube and other social platforms are built for people to discover you. Work with them and produce relevant How to’s and editorial content that people are searching for, this is how you open yourself up to a new audience. Like this from Direct Line.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 14.58.32

Or… Just go mad
The 5 step guide offers a solid base for your video strategy and meets each of your audience requirements. Once you have that down then its time to get creative and have some fun. Like Transferwise.

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