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YouTube and Video for Business

| Video Marketing | July 04, 2014

The World over companies are uploading video to YouTube (yes billions of hours
per second or whatever YouTube is currently telling us). Each one of them looking
to attract an audience that will be impressed by their service and/or image. However,
many companies are disappointed when the video they have invested time, money and hope on gets
a miserable 18 views.

Now, there are things that can be done on YouTube to help get more views. More on
that on later blogs. However we think it’s time to offer the marketing industry
a reality check and suggest that, for most companies, YouTube isn’t the panacea
and that you can spend a lot of money chasing views that offer little or no value.

But, that is very much for the now, things will change, soon..

There is no doubt that video works. We know first hand of sales spikes after a product video
is shown to a certain audience. Also sales teams have referred to customers seeing videos that
have prompted enquires and questions pertinent to issues raised in the films.
That’s all well and good.

CRM leader Salesforce is often quoted as a brand that does video well. It
suggests that a day’s worth of video views (they average around 10,500 views per day on
YouTube) is equivalent to the output of 66 hyper efficient sales people. It has
produced over 950 videos. This means that at a very conservative estimate of
£1000 per video (if they are equally efficient at producing video) that it
has spent nearly £1 million on videos produced.

Without this type of budget YouTube as a platform will not, for the moment, get
most companies the views they want. The general audience for YouTube is too young for
business unless you are a brand that wants to attract the young or animal lovers
(Why isn’t Pets At Home channel full of pets doing what pets do? It’s just too
simple!!!). However the audience is getting older. Most people you know are using YouTube,
some are looking at it to help them do their jobs better. It’s moving towards becoming a more
mature audience.

So, for now, our recommendations:-
– If you haven’t got a channel set one up.
– Upload all of the video you have produced and follow our future hints and
tips into how you make that content more searchable.
– Develop a strategy – how do you want your video to portray you as a company?
How can you move away from over-selling?
– Look at content categories that will be pertinent for your company and
audience not just for now but the future,
– Experiment – who are the stars in your business? You’re not all Honda Trucks
(and can afford Jean Claude Van Damme) but you can be sure someone in your company
is a natural! How can you get the message across more engagingly?

These small steps go some way towards future-proofing for your business as, going forward, there’s
no doubt that YouTube is set to become a major marketing platform.


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