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Video Marketing to Millennials

| Video Marketing | March 05, 2015

30th April, 2013, those highly rated purveyors of B2B video, ThePeloton, were
finishing the editing of a video that wasn’t their normal fayre. It was a short
film featuring a YouTube star called KSI. It was a pretty down and dirty edit
and it featured a few football fans saying rude things about Robin van Persie,
plus some wacky sound effects. Two years later the video has hit well over a
million views, making it the most watched video in our five year history.

How did it gain such traction? Firstly, it was aimed at millennials; those
digital natives who spend more time watching online video than TV. Secondly it
featured a YouTuber who has a large and loyal following. Thirdly it got a
reaction – some good, some bad.

So how can brands that want to target millennials learn from this case study.
Here are three suggestions:-

1) Break the Rules.
TV adverts and online promotional videos still follow a set of traditional
mores. But YouTube videos such as those that you can find on the Get Rekt channel rip up
the rule books. These videos are noisy, messy, random and barely make sense. But
they’re also totally hypnotic. As video marketing starts to get bolder, this type of content
is starting to enter the mainstream. Take this recent advert for Doritos.

2) Make them Care.
Creating emotion and causing reaction really works. Do not turn off your
Comments on your YouTube videos. Your mission is to start a dialogue with your
customer so make something that they choose to interact with. Take this film
created by Chipotle, a Mexican restaurant chain that created this video to
promote the concept of food integrity. It very much reflects the values of
millennials. And it’s received over 14 million views as a result. If they care,
they tend to share.

3) Give them Content that they want to Watch.
Millennials aren’t from another planet. They too shave, apply for jobs and do
dull things like set up banks accounts. It’s just that they consume media in a
very different way from traditional viewers. That’s one of the reasons why the
skin treatment company ‘Clean and Clear’ went on a mission; to help empower
young women. They’ve created a series of short ‘How to’ videos and top tips from
real girls who tell their stories. They’re helpful, inspiring and they’re
eminently shareable and have proven very popular with this demographic.

As for you non-millennials sat in your living rooms still tethered to your single screen, well there’s always Poldark.

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