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Top 5 B2B branded YouTube channels of 2014

| Video Marketing | January 12, 2015

2014 was the year in which brands started to seriously invest in video content. Explainers, animations and case studies were just some of the tactics designed to appeal across the whole buying chain for B2B. Another development was that some brands really started to focus on their YouTube channel. Subscribers can become advocates for your company through liking, commenting and sharing your video content. There will be a lot of attention on YouTube in 2015. Keep an eye on this blog as there will be a lot of guidance on how best to manage a YouTube channel for your business. We start the year with a look back on the biggest business brands on the platform.

1. Volvo Trucks
111,836 Subs.
Launched with some great stunts with Jean Claude Van Damme (no less). It has consistently added newsworthy, innovative and sometime amusing content this year.  Only Volvo Trucks can make popular films about the I-shift dual clutch. If there is one brand to look at for tips on business content come here.

2. Intel
106,282 Subs.
Over 5,000 videos added to its channel to date – 1,300 in the last year. A wide range of content, the most effective of which shows how Intel’s technology enhances our world. Intel will be number 1 at the end of 2015 (it doubled its subscriber base in 2014). A large volume of themed content here is the key for what is essentially a chip.

3. Cisco
92,830 Subs.
Cisco doesn’t spend vast fortunes on video, it just produces it constantly and with a tech savvy audience in mind. Advice and tips for the IT crowd.

4. American Express
63,455 Subs.
Top of the finance bunch. AMEX employ a hotchpotch of content, some funny, some intelligent. We hope that a financial company is going to take full advantage of YT soon.

5. Salesforce
51,563 Subs.
The sales software platform produces a lot of video about itself. In many ways it does what many content marketeers suggest you shouldn’t do; talk about yourself. Salesforce can argue that it works.

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