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How to Create successful YouTube Content for your Business

| Video Marketing | June 09, 2015

With brands beginning to invest more of their marketing budget in video content, the realisation is settling in that you can’t just produce a film and the audience will come. Getting your video messaging seen and then hoping that people will keep with it and not move on soon after pressing play are just two of the challenges brands are now facing. So we believe that your YouTube content should have two over arching aims:-

1. The video content people view because they have chosen to take a further look at you. It’s like the ‘About Us’ section of your website and should briefly explain your service and speciality.

2. The video content people view because they have been looking for content that addresses a wider issue. Your content (or description) has suggested your video can help them achieve what they want to achieve.

Both of these play very important sales roles for your business. Your ‘About Us’ videos tell the viewer that you are a trusted business, someone they can do business with. Your searchable video content allows you to build your invisible prospect list.

Google has recently announced some interesting developments in search patterns on YouTube. Viewers are looking to YouTube for ‘How To’ explainers. Mobile viewers are especially looking how to finish a task. There has been a 70% increase in searches on YouTube year on year and this is what brands should capitalise on so that their content can be discovered. Once discovered, the brand association to your excellent content will do the subtle sales job on this new ‘prospect’.

One good example is Nuffield Health which has recently produced a series of films on Workout Basics. This is inexpensive content that addresses a number of ‘How To’s (we did not produce these BTW!) and will do so for years to come….

So our advice based on this evidence is that yes, you should be producing sales content that may tip a user into making a decision. But also you should consider content that your audience and customers want answers for thus making video be your sales person.

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