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Anatomy of an Excellent Business YouTube Channel

| Video Marketing | February 14, 2015

If you don’t know it (and there’s no reason why you should) Adorama started life in 1975 as a camera store based in New York City. The founder soon took a decision that would have a profound impact on the way the store operates. He committed to becoming an educational resource for photographers and latterly videographers of all skill levels. He believed that education would add value to Adorama in the eyes of its customers.

Fast forward to 2010 and Adorama debuted on YouTube. The aim of the channel was not to visibly sell Adorama and its services but to offer photographers helpful information such as product reviews, ‘how to’ videos and digital photography tips. Today Adorama has published over 1,000 videos and gained over 270,000 subscribers. From here it has expanded to I-Tunes with over 25 million views. As the channel’s impact grew it created original shows and it tapped into the talent of outside experts. As well as giving content to its customers this was a new avenue to growth for followers.

The channel got noticed by the major photographic equipment manufacturers and it started receiving kit before launch to have a review ready for the time of the product hitting the store’s shelves. The manufacturers, impressed by the following of Adorama, would then share the videos with their customers.

As the channel grew the challenge was to keep a consistent level of content both in terms of quality and quantity. The team organised a line of loyal contributors and ambassadors who fulfilled this requirement. It then hired outside help from production houses that could offer the firm’s video a uniform look and feel.

You can find out more from this great book, ‘The Invisible Sale’ by Tom Martin…

Look on Adorama’s channel today. It’s really well organised. Education is the key but it’s not afraid to let you know that Adorama’s still a commercial organisation and that it does sell products and you will be directed to instore, other content and, of course, the subscribe button.

We think it’s a great case study for how a business can run an effective YouTube channel.

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