10 reasons why YouTube is really worth all the effort.

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10 reasons why YouTube is really worth all the effort.

| Video Marketing | October 20, 2014

Like many companies you may have produced some great video content, uploaded it to YouTube only to see 20 or so plays after 3 months. All that effort gone to waste and, understandably, your efforts will be diverted elsewhere. Though we are qualified to advise on YouTube, we are not cheerleaders and there are a number of reasons that the channel’s size amongst others is the problem (we’ll list the problems on a subsequent post). However, on balance and with an eye to the future, perseverance works.

1. By 2017 video will account for 69% of all internet traffic (Cisco). This amongst a myriad of facts suggest that you really should be addressing video within your organisation.

2. 20 million video plays per month in the UK alone.

3. While of course there are great success stories on YouTube, VW and Honda Trucks for example, smaller, niche companies such as Bin Industrial Training have gained over 13,000 followers.

4. YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine and growing daily.

5. When searching in Google, video is predominately at the top of results 65% of the time with YouTube dominating (Search Engine Works).

6. YouTube is free. You can design your own channel and organise your content in a way that is appealing and intuitive to your visitors. It also offers a free streaming service and embed for videos on your own site and social media.

7. YouTube was founded in 2005. Its growth continues to be phenomenal and there is no doubt large brains are seeking to address its problems – don’t let the size put you off. The introduction of annotations is one such example.

8. YouTube requires effort. You can’t just upload a film and hope it will fly, it won’t. Sharing, social media, video links, PR and more all work together to help make your video seen.

9. Don’t be put off by cost. You can make great economies of scale as video production costs are still falling (sadly).

10. YouTube’s mobile delivery is so good that over 40% of views are from mobile devices.

All of these stats point to the future. Put together a video and YouTube strategy now and you are in the throes of future-proofing your business communications. Just don’t think you’ll get Gangnam style views any time soon.



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