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Make Video One of Your 2016 Resolutions

| Video Content, Video Marketing | January 08, 2016

Rooting around on Twitter the other day, we found this great info-graphic from the Canadian video production agency Vidyard.

It’s packed with great stats that set out the case for 2016 being the year of video. Of course, we couldn’t agree more..


Now, if you’re a follower of ThePeloton, we’ve been saying this for the last few years. But we agree with Vidyard that 2016 is the year when video, especially for B2B brands, goes from ‘nice to have’ to an essential part of the marketing mix. In fact, probably the most surprising stat is that 92% of B2B companies plan to use video in marketing in 2016. Hopefully, you’re not in the 8% that are missing out!

And these days, video marketing isn’t just about filming your CEO and dropping the interview onto YouTube. You can tell your story and promote your services via a wide variety of formats: from video case studies to animated video info-graphics; from interactive video through to ‘thought leadership’ films.

Here’s a recent video that we produced for the events company, Jericho.


If you would like to discuss your video marketing strategy, then do get in touch.


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