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| Video Content | July 09, 2015

Every month we send out an email to b2b marketers who have asked to receive an update on some of the more interesting developments and campaigns in b2b video. Here for your delectation is content from the 8th in the series. Every month has a theme and this is around Making Better Video. If you would like to receive this fill in the form on our ‘Contact us’ page.

Video Times. Episode 8, Make Better Video
Cisco is predicting 69% of all internet traffic will be video in 2017 and, with video now seen by B2B marketers in the top 3 most effective social tactics (according to CIM), businesses are producing more and more video content.
However, a note of caution, video can be extremely unforgiving. Produce underwhelming content and it shows. Produce overly promotional content and it will not be watched. We have scoured the net therefore for some great tips on video content and strategy to help you with yours! We’ll be back in September.

Doesn’t Get Better
When Melbourne Trains produced this 3 min film did they expect 106 million views, numerous spin-offs and more? Nope but it got that and a 10% reduction in trackside accidents. OK, this is a one off, but being creative and thinking differently can offer incredible results.

Plan Your Video
We’d love to say that ThePeloton.tv’s Videoblog is the only place to go for understanding video. But there is a lot of information out there and one place we always look up is the video measurement co. Vidyard. This is its very sensible guide to video strategy.

Camera Shy
While natural for some, others would run a mile. However, with the move to video, your execs. will be increasingly asked to appear in front of a camera. We produced this video guide to help them and offer up some tips and tricks.

Technical Tips
Some great hardware and technical tips from Canon and Amateur Photographer. Many companies do and should produce their own content. Here are some useful tips here to get the best from your kit.

The One to Watch
Video content and video strategy is in its first baby steps, there’s plenty of excitement still to come. Therefore it can be hard to find good examples of a UK business doing it well. One to watch though is Barclays. Take a look at its YouTube channel to see why.

And Finally…
As detailed in a recent Video Times, animation can bring complex services to life. We were fortunate to have been set to work by leading insurer Hiscox to communicate its professional indemnity service. We hope you’ll agree this animated film does the job!



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