Web Video: Going Beyond the Pre-Roll

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Web Video: Going Beyond the Pre-Roll

| Uncategorized | June 28, 2011

Interactive video is finally starting to deliver on its promise and it’s the B2B sector that’s reaping the benefit.  The video production company ThePeloton.tv is at the forefront of this step change for online video. It’s developed its own application which is flexible, instantly measureable and offers a boost to a brand’s bottom line. This service can be used for consumer brands and click-to-buy but it’s particularly suited to the B2B sector which targets a smaller but more dedicated and engaged user.

ThePeloton has produced bespoke interactive video solutions for the banking, pharmaceutical, publishing and software sectors. Its creative team has partnered with the likes of IDG and Campden Media to run successful campaigns using interactivity. The brands that have used the service include:-UBS; Pfizer; Bayer and Advent. One client even suggested a country wide product sales spike was down to the interactive campaign.

About Interactive Video.
Interactive video engages an audience in a smart way that’s more compelling than linear online video.  It’s a two-way conversation that requires the viewer to answer questions on the screen and interact with the content. It can be used to collect intelligence and data, generate new leads, drives sales, heighten engagement and measurement. All the information gained from ThePeloton’s interactive video service is presented and made available to the client on a custom-built and easy-to-read dashboard.

To get the inside scoop on the interactive video offering and get a glimpse of the future of business communications, please follow this link. http://www.thepeloton.tv/interactive.html.

To talk to our creative team, contact Adrian Smith or Jon Westbrook on +44 0 20 3142 6761.

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