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ThePeloton.tv; A Rallying Cry.

| Uncategorized | June 15, 2012

ThePeloton.tv were fortunate enough to film the B2B Marketing Summit this week. We have worked with the team at B2B Marketing for some time and jolly decent they are too.

While capturing wonderful content from various delegates extolling the virtues of their various marketing concepts, our business cards were being ripped out of our hands (at one point a fight broke out between up to 10 middle aged marketing managers, keen to get their hands on our contact details). B2B marketing is getting mighty keen on video.

We have been working in the B2B marketing sector for a couple of years and there lies the rub. We are always happy send over our recent work to new contacts which of course we will… really happy if it wasn’t so…erm…..dull.

Now, please don’t look upon this as a reflection on us. We try and push people to be more creative and spend a little more than we are usually offered as they will get better production values and a more engaging film by doing so. The B2B sector however is (fair enough) enormously budget conscious and often accepts the norm of getting some middle aged experts – some with tie, some without – to talk about their chosen topic.

It looks OK and is technically sound… it’s just really boring. That’s the problem, boring film = bored audience = little gain is made. Just because this has become the norm in the market, it doesn’t mean this is what you should be doing.

Our rallying cry therefore is this: B2B marketing sector you can make great gains in thought leadership if you start getting more creative with your video (and that doesn’t just mean infographics). Take a look at news and business TV channels. Similar features can be written and be highly thought provoking. Every business has an interesting story to tell and potentially beautiful pictures to go with it. Let’s start telling the tales and using these pictures.


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