The Science of Social Video.

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The Science of Social Video.

| Uncategorized | July 04, 2012

The viral video isn’t dead it’s just grown up a bit and been renamed ‘social video’. Social videos are proper content that engages audiences. They’re shared around because they’re so compelling. And the good news for brands is that they’re being consumed, enjoyed and shared despite being for used for marketing purposes.
Our good friends at Unruly Media are taking it so seriously that they’ve set-up the World’s first social video laboratory. Its ambition, no less, is to turn social video into a science. They intend to find out about what kinds of content is most likely to be shared and allow brands to predict the effectiveness of videos before they’ve invested in a campaign.
Well us shiny, happy Peloton people don’t get to wear white lab coats very often (which is a shame). But if we did, we’d tell brands to make stuff that’s visually stimulating, emotionally resonant and offers interactivity (and possibly a damn good tune).
An excellent example is the new BA ad campaign; Take a Plane Down Your Street. Firstly it asks you to enter your postcode. Then, using Google Street View, you can witness a BA jumbo jet going past your front window.
 It doesn’t take rocket science to see why it’s already become one of the UK’s most shared interactive video. It’s just a shame that you can’t watch it on your iPad. Watch this space for a major announcement on HTML5 and interactive video. 
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