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The Peloton: We Get Around

| Uncategorized | August 31, 2012

September is upon us, summer holiday memories are receding, it’s time to get back to some serious graft. And it’s looking like being a busy, varied and adventurous start to autumn for The Peloton’s team.
Glam Media has commissioned us to shoot and edit a series of makeover videos for Rimmel. Meanwhile, our editorial chief, Adrian is working in the Middle East helping with the launch of a new news channel.
He’s spending some time in the city of Erbil, the capital of the autonomous region of Kurdistan which is based in Northern Iraq. It’s safer than Manchester. Well that was according to the taxi driver who picked Adrian up at the airport. The driver should know, he once lived in Wigan.
The Kurds are an incredibly welcoming bunch and are rightfully proud of their culture. They could also teach some UK video producers a thing or two when it comes to filming, editing and telling a great story. Adrian reports that one documentary currently being edited is as good as anything he’s seen on BBC World or Al Jazeera. However, there’s a lot of bad TV in the Middle East and Adrian has been brought in to help ensure editorial and creative excellence for his new Kurdish friends.
But, as you can imagine, The Peloton is not just about glamorous shoots with models or film-making in exotic places. We’ve got videos lined up for AstraZeneca, Kodak and Dell plus more editions of our much admired ‘Tech News’ series.
As for Adrian, he says the only downside of working abroad so far has been  dining alone in a virtually empty hotel restaurant whilst being serenaded by a cabaret singer. It’s like being in a Kurdish version of Phoenix Nights.. supposedly.
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