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The Peloton Visits Google

| Uncategorized | May 24, 2012

We are often asked to give our thoughts on digital video. It’s mainly because we’re really good looking and say things like zeitgeist.

No less than Google invited us into their offices and, of course, when Sergey and Larry ask (well kind of) who are we to thumb our noses. We were taken up to the best conference theatre we have ever been near and asked to take our seats (on our way, we walked through the canteen and someone was eating mussels in the staff canteen… And it was free, served by their own chef!!).

The great and good of the advertising industry made their way to their seats, high-fiving and piss-taking each other as they went. This was looking pretty scary.

Google has launched its new player technology that essentially allows users to view just the first few seconds of the pre-roll ad (the often overly long TV ad you get before content starts). We were asked to debunk the myth of TV advertising. Mostly about cost and the rest about process.

We reeled off examples of TV advertising producers charging oodles of lolly and then having no money to distribute and we generally cocked a snoop at some of the more outlandish extravagances that are not required when creating a digital video ad. Then we showed some of our perfectly formed but inexpensive ad work and aired some thoughts on how ads should be produced with the new Google technology in mind.

No-one hit us, no-one booed and all in all a thoroughly enjoyable time was had. (Adrian was the best, Matt talked too much and Jon, didn’t really say anything of any use).

We still have the presentation somewhere. Get in touch if you would like a copy. Otherwise, we’ll see you in Cannes xx


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