The Peloton and the B2B Marketing Summit

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The Peloton and the B2B Marketing Summit

| Uncategorized | May 21, 2012

The Peloton will be filming the B2B Marketing Summit on June 14 at The Brewery in London. Why should you attend and what’s it all about…well read on.
Social media marketing.
Do you know that you can generate an additional 18% of traffic to your website if you let customers share reviews of your products in social networks? Just one good review on Facebook can pull in 2.5 times more visitors than all ‘Likes’ collected per month.
Good feedback can do wonders for your business.
The latest research has revealed that positive reviews in social networks are the second most popular deciding factor to buy from you. One in three people are more likely to make an order after reading through good reviews of your brand whilst 38% still consider the price the most important criterion.  
It’s good to have bad feedback, too.
Surprisingly, a negative review is not as bad for your sales as you think. Seven out of 10 customers trust online reviews more if there’s both bad and good feedback available in social networks. Moreover, 38% tend to read only negative reviews of products before making a purchase and 95% will still buy a product or service despite negative feedback. And finally, what one B2B customer considers bad can be a positive thing for another one. You never know!
There’ll be a lot more valuable information on social media marketing at the B2B Marketing Summit held on June 14. The event will be filmed by the highly reputable ThePeloton.tv and is going to cover 4 hot topics: content marketing, social media, data insight and lead generation strategies. You can find more about the summit, presentations scheduled and bookings here at www.b2bmarketing.net/summit2012. It’s time to go social! 
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