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The Land where Content is still King.

| Uncategorized | October 01, 2012

There’s a cracking new video doing the rounds on YouTube. No not the South Korean rapper doing the funny dance. The particular film we’ve been admiring and sharing was made by the B2B marketing agency, Earnest. It offers a host of new statistics that are tinkly music to our dainty little ears. For example, 75% of executives watch videos on business sites every week. And 65% of them then go on to visit a vendor’s site after watching the video. There’s lots more stats where those two gems came from. See for yourself. 

Meanwhile, creating content is set to be one of the hot topics at this year’s B2B Marketing Conference. Ahead of the November 1st event, we’ve been interviewing some of the speakers and panelists. Some of the interviews are now up on B2B Marketing’s website. Here’s Stan Woods, the MD of the B2B consultants Velocity, talking about the challenges of creating great content.

Team Peloton will be descending en masse to the November conference; filming the presentations and doing a spot of light interviewing. We’ll also showing off our interactive video service which offers polling, data gathering and real-time analytics. And it now comes in HTML5. So be prepared to be wowed. The excitement may even make you want to do a funny dance. But just remember that you may get caught on camera…

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