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The Futurists’ Futurist

| Uncategorized | October 23, 2012

Friend of ThePeloton, wannabe futurist and public speaker, Zohe Mustafa, gave a talk at the E-commerce Expo. Now this wasn’t a video speech per se but looked at marketing in 2025 and how we get there. Video of course is integral but it’s how it will be viewed and used that’s so white knuckle-ridingly exciting.

The talk was entitled ‘Are We Really Innovating?’. Firstly, probably not. He suggests we are at somewhere like Web 1.5. Marketers have something like 88 different tactics at their disposal. However the point is technology isn’t really here to enable this marketing vision. Typing still rules, touchscreens are limited etc.

Take a look at his presentation he has given us permission to share, it allows an insight into where all of this is going. If we were to summarise…

It could get even more difficult to navigate the world of connected business. There are fine examples here of how retailers and brands can develop to embrace Future Tech. Done well they will leave all competition in their wake. Those that embrace technology will totally transform how we do business. Like Disney and their interactive sofa!




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