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Tech, Tech and more Tech.

| Uncategorized | September 26, 2012

We’re going to let you in on a secret, not a brilliantly kept one mind you…. 
Our production team has just finished filming the super Becca Laidler and the East Anglian hunk Matt Downton fronting the latest episode of Tech News. It’s a weekly look at the more eclectic, mind bending and some times nonsensical world of erm…. Tech.
Written by a team of hacks and the well informed (yes a team, just like some of those US comedy shows, one or two of which are funny), Tech News has now reached episode 30. And, get this, the latest viewing figures from the viewing figures machine suggest that each episode is watched on average 100, 000 times; most of which are UK tech nuts only. 
Web sites like Reevoo and Tom’s Hardware take Tech News and benefit from a nice piece of content and, as they say in the world of marketing, a more engaged viewer. Here’s a taster..
So there you go, a secret that once was, and now isn’t. Now, our Creative Director Matt Warnes has got a secret and it sounds a bit painful. It involves steep inclines and aching thighs. Watch this space for more.
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