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Property Week and The Peloton

| Uncategorized | January 05, 2012

LONDON, January 4, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ –Giles Barrie invites PropertyWeek.com’s audience to take part in its first ever interactive video survey, capturing the market’s opinion on European retail.

Launched the same week that MAPIC, Europe’s premier retail event opens its doors to thousands of delegates, Giles Barrie asks what the future holds for developers, investors and retailers via an innovative medium – interactive video.

The interactive video poses the viewer a variety of questions which they answer by clicking on the video. Questions vary from asking what will be the best emerging retail property city in the next three years, to the impact of online retailing.All viewers will take a different path through the interactive video depending on their profession, be it developer, investor or retailer, with targeted questions for each sector.

Positioned within a dedicated microsite for MAPIC, this survey aims to involve property professionals in the biggest questions surrounding retail at this time.With the retail industry embracing the age of technology in a bid to evolve and survive the changing buying habits of consumers, Property Week aims to use this innovative and simple interactive video as a source of engagement which will reap valuable results for its audience.

View and take part in this interactive survey now at http://www.propertyweek.com/news/industry-events/MAPIC-2011

This video was produced by the Client Solutions team for Property Week in conjunction with The Peloton.

The Client Solutions team at Property Week magazine create bespoke target solutions for clients using our expertise across print, digital and live channels.To create your own interactive video or marketing solution with Property Week Client Solutions please email martin.hurn@ubm.com or call +44(0)20-7560-4291.
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