Paid for Comment, Part Three

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Paid for Comment, Part Three

| Uncategorized | May 09, 2011

We filmed at the PPA’s annual Publishing conference on May 4th. If ever there was a bunch of people looking for a break then there were 526 of them, about an A4 expense sheet away from Westminster Bridge.
The Professional Publishing Industry loves a bullet point and, not to disappoint, here are our conclusions:-

– The Publishing industry has suffered from a collective nervousness – until now.

– There is nothing better than seeing people who have taken a beating dust themselves off and start to fight back, even if they are a bit nerdy.

– A few enlightened and energetic individuals are all it takes to move on a group of chattering execs.

– Publishers have realised that people will pay for their content and sometimes pay quite hefty sums

– Print magazines are profitable and will remain so for some time (16-24 year olds are their biggest consumers)

– Get 5 B2B Publishing Directors in a room and they will still talk about Google rather than the subject at hand.

– The Buggles sang Video Killed the Radio Star. Not Elvis Costello.

– To some Social Media is a distraction, to others it’s essential – anyone for an App?

– No-one and we repeat No-one knows how the publishing industry will look in 5 years’ time.

– Video needs to be well produced as the only enduring non reader revenues are sponsorship. Here, Adrian of the Peloton tells you how…
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