Paid for Comment, Part Thirteen.

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Paid for Comment, Part Thirteen.

| Uncategorized | February 02, 2012

Publisher + brand + good idea + results = award.

We love a success story, it makes us all warm inside. Especially when we
can say that we have contributed to that success.

Leading global sci-tech technology website The Register has built a
tremendous following in that it publishes news and thought to an audience
of highly engaged IT professionals. The brief from Microsoft was that it
wanted to position itselves as thought and technology leaders in cloud
computing. It wanted to combine this with a lead generation element. The
Register’s solution included a new content channel on cloud computing
including a forum. With news, features and integrated Microsoft content
this was published in the channel, a mobile app for all smartphones, an
iPad and a tablet app. Video was integral to the campaign and included: a
series – produced by us – on businesses making a difference through their use of
cloud solutions; expert live broadcasts and one-to-one engagement
with The Register’s IT professional readership.

The result was that The Register successfully delivered a big lead target,
and the website was also the first in the world to host content pulled from
the LinkedIn API. You can see the channel here…

To cap it all off, it won the IPA Media award for Most Effective Online
campaign. Our invite for the awards night sadly got lost in the post.

Leading publishers in their field are in a unique position to ensure the
success of content marketing campaigns. If worked with properly and in an
equal partnership they can deliver content to their audiences as The
Register has done and truly deliver results in a way that’s not available
through any other medium.

Publishers are reacting to a slow advertising market and are looking to offer
solutions. If you are clear on your objectives and what the success metrics
should be, you can clean up.


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