Paid for Comment, Part Ten.

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Paid for Comment, Part Ten.

| Uncategorized | November 10, 2011

Phew. So that was 9 hours of speakers, presentations, jaw aching chitter chatter and a Friday evening worth of video at the superb Accelerate: Peak Performance Marketing Conference from wonderful B2B Marketing (http://www.b2bmarketing.net/).
Like most people, I enter a conference with a number of fears. Mine is usually that someone will work out I’m a fraud. Others worry whether it will be a day badly spent, how can they not answer their Blackberry until at least lunchtime, or will they know I ate raw garlic and then keep burping it up again. Not so for this gem at the British Library.

Said B2B conference brought the UK’s business marketeers all into one room so that they could hear from a number of advisors, peers and consultants about everything that is wrong with B2B marketing and what they should be doing that is right. We’ll be publishing the videos on the B2B marketing website over the next week or so and you’ll be able to share in all that good stuff then.

Full marks should go to…

Cisco – For showing us their programme for the Olympics (and showing 2 videos).

Psion – (yes Psion) for showing us how a business can embrace social media and not be naff, in fact do very well from it (and for showing a video).

Cyance – very witty and erudite marketing help from their ex rock and roller (well, he seemed that way in the bar afterwards) front man who laughed at our team’s tshirts (and for showing a few videos).

Google – no matter how much you don’t want to like the big cheese they always seem so decent (and for showing 4 videos).

The rest didn’t show any video but still some great thoughts and insights left everyone (that I spoke to at least) with a massive to do list and a self imposed ‘could do better’ mark against their name.

Lastly it seems that everyone will be producing well made videos from now on… case studies, product launches, thought leadership, interactive… and that makes us happy.
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