Paid for Comment, Part Six.

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Paid for Comment, Part Six.

| Uncategorized | July 04, 2011

We’ve seen the future and it comes from the unlikely source of IPC and its title – which each of the over 30 year old members of The Peloton have subscribed to at some stage – The NME.

While Habitat, Jane Norman and TJ Hughes were either going out of business or shedding stores locally, the media world was also witnessing a number of its traditional behemoths seeing their last run off the printing press. Computer Weekly and Personnel Today closing altogether. Nursing Times going from weekly to monthly. New Media Age is no longer a print title and the Guardian Media Group will now be a ‘digital first’ company. It would run out of money if they were to stay as they are.

It may sound like an industry in distress, but, like retail, publishing has entered a new era. Those High Street big brands that didn’t move with the time and present themselves to a modern, less loyal audience are on their way out. It’s the same with publishing. We are seeing developments daily that the penny has dropped. It’s not the recession that has damaged their business, it’s their inertia in making that step change.

The NME has  presented a very decent video channel… http://www.nmevideo.com/ (if you can get past the Coldplay, Best of). 

And how much better are these comment pieces on the Guardian than the  usual mix of bile and banalities from today’s print columnists… http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/video.

Of course, these days, the folks at Peloton Central are more likely caught perusing the Wall Street Journal than the NME, that’s why we personally like this….


Remember, it’s evolution not revolution…man!


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