Paid for Comment, Part Nine.

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Paid for Comment, Part Nine.

| Uncategorized | October 12, 2011

Anything rushed and unplanned will usually not do what it was intended to do. The same is true of producing video content. Without a plan that identifies what the message needs to be, the content will be a costly mistake.

So the momentum behind content marketing and brands becoming their own content creators (http://www.business2community.com/marketing/content-is-no-longer-king-a-look-at-what-really-matters-047210) is great for a service offered like ours but it’s also a concern as there could be a rush to making content, not all of it good quality.

We work a lot with publishers as they have the audience. However, possibly the most interesting media businesses are those that create content for clients and then have a hand in how it is distributed to the intended audience (it used to be known as customer publishing). Companies like John Brown Media, Forward Group and Sunday Publishing.

This is an interesting time for brands. There is a lot of noise and proof of concept being bandied in the marketing press. Our advice to those brands is take time, understand the message you want to communicate and get the professionals in.

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