Paid for Comment, Part Fourteen

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Paid for Comment, Part Fourteen

| Uncategorized | April 25, 2012

Two recently published studies have rather shaken the foundations here at Peloton Towers. We aren’t usually ones for hyperbole and take surveys with a pinch of salt as they always tend to favour the businesses and associations that commission them. It’s like when Adrian of Peloton fame announces that East Dulwich has been voted the number one area for young families in London. When you drill down to the facts you realise that the only people polled are on the East Dulwich forum… and his cats.

Anyway. First this turned up from Reelseo….. http://www.reelseo.com/embedded-youtube-indexed-google/…. For some time web video peeps have been bandying around the fact that video on your web page makes you lots of percent more likely to appear on front page rankings. However what that didn’t say was that you have to be a tagging SEO king to make that work (and many of them couldn’t).

According to Reelseo all this has changed. Google are now indexing video, and not just video that appears on YouTube. Therefore, when searching for example for The Peloton, two of our video thumbnails appear beneath. This is big news and, given Google’s push for YouTube as being their growth revenues, maybe not so surprising.

Secondly, we have been swaggering around claiming that we have been in content marketing for more than anyone else ever. Not strictly true of course. However it has to be said, as video makers, we think that well made video can replace gaudy sales messages and unsubtle advertising as the route to the nation’s hearts and minds. This study from Emarketer seems to confirm that this content marketing trend is on the rise…. http://www.reelseo.com/embedded-youtube-indexed-google/

So c’mon kids. Jump on our bandwagons. We’re driving and what were once dirt tracks are now nice smooth re-laid b-roads.


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