Paid for Comment, Part Fifteen.

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Paid for Comment, Part Fifteen.

| Uncategorized | May 14, 2012

It’s all change in Publisherland.

We hot footed it over to the PPA Conference at the rather grey Hilton on a rather grey day to hear some thoughts, plans and tactics underway at some of the UK’s leading magazine and digital publishers.

When listening to publishers you get the feeling that life hasn’t been that kind to them over the last few years. You also get the feeling that they are (in general) trying to do something about it. Publishers have had to cope with revenue disappearing on both fronts – reader revenue and advertising revenue. This has led to heavy cost cutting and generally defensive measures. But this year there was a sense that if you did a good job you were likely to see the results.

Traditional publishers have generally been useless at riding the internet wave. They are stuck in a print model and find it difficult to break out of it. Last year there were one or two exceptions to this. This year that list has expanded.

The Economist talked about the rise of the intellectual trend and clever ways to reach them.
Haymarket and Dennis showed off some some jolly good apps.
And Future talked up the tablet.

We got the chance to interview some of the great and good at the PPA Conference. Here’s the CEO of Future talking about the exciting challenge of creating video content.

We also finally heard from senior people that their teams are making branded content solutions and this was to be an important revenue generator. Hoo bloody rah. We’ve only been saying this for 3 years but there you go.

So as well as patting ourselves on the back for being right all along and generally quaffing as much wine as we could at the free bar, we left Bauer’s Mark Frith to answer what his favourite TV programme is and wandered into the rain soaked streets of London with a realisation that Paid for Comment has done its job and it’s time for a new series.

So keep an eye out for the first instalment of Video Click – it’s all about interactive video don’t you know.

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