Feeding the Family.. And their Subjects.

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Feeding the Family.. And their Subjects.

| Uncategorized | June 01, 2012

You are about to have 4 days off work,the country has turned extremely patriotic, the nation’s high streets are a dazzling red, white and blue. So, when you have your friends around this weekend, what do you cook them? ThePeloton.tv’s friend will be getting spaghetti bolognese as that’s all we can cook.
But William Sitwell at John Brown has come up with a very classy alternative. He’s been working with top chefs to develop the Jubilee dish for 2012, Jubilee salmon, click on the link below to see how to impress all and sundry. Naturally, the filming was carried out by ThePeloton.tv. The crew can vouch for the recipe, they got the chance to try it out for lunch.

Content Connection

It is very apparent that brands, like Waitrose, are now content creators and they’re distributing their stuff through YouTube channels, customer publishing, Facebook apps etc. What are publishers doing about this? Brands are now stepping into their space and, in more than a few cases, beating them to it. ThePeloton.tv wants to know more…. Can they live side by side? Will the user buy into branded content as independent? We think a gathering is needed to get to the bottom of this and we’re going to host it. Clear your early September diaries, we’ll be sending out invites soon


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