Distributing original video content effectively: Paid for Comment Part Seven

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Distributing original video content effectively: Paid for Comment Part Seven

| Uncategorized | August 30, 2011

There’s no doubt that many brands are making their own content and sometimes this is great stuff. This could be in association with other media companies or striking out on their own with their own content teams to make effective content that meets a messaging objective. What is often forgotten about however is: how do you get it seen?

Many brands have spent a lot of money creating great, shiny new video and haven’t thought how to get it seen. It’s often left on the company’s website somewhere and forgotten about as minds move on.

For brands that appeal to a younger audience there is no doubt that an effective social media strategy will help get the content seen so pop over to Bermondsey and Brick Lane and you’ll find any number of sassy social media entrepreneurs around that can help. We, on the other hand, wonder about professional products and services for grown-ups. How can your content reach the people that matter?

Our experience as brand entrepreneurs leads to three distribution tactics:
1. Work with a video seeding company (such as Unruly Media). They will make sure your video is seen in relevant and sympathetic editorial websites and flagged up so it’s not ignored. In fact you only pay them once someone has viewed your content.
2. Work with a publisher. If you are producing content in partnership with a website publisher rather than as an advertiser this is how you get them working their audience for you. Each industry has its own specialist media. What you need to find is one big enough and willing to go the extra mile to help your content be seen.
Take a look at Microsoft on The Register, Shell on The Economist or Alix Partners on the FT.
3. Brands can manage distribution themselves if they have a good customer mailing list. We have worked with the CBI and produced for them a video magazine around the very relevant topic of flexible working and employer/employee relations. You can see this magazine here…

As well as the thousands of views received from its member and distribution list, it was debated on the Today programme and the pages of The Guardian, Times and FT. Quite a decent result we think.
Prime Ministers often feel the need to repeat things three times. So not to feel left out… when planning your content campaign remember distribution, distribution, distribution.   

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