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Clicks Win Prizes

| Uncategorized | July 13, 2012

Us creative types never turn our noses up at the chance to create a visually stimulating campaign for  a sexy brand. In fact ThePeloton’s team is busy producing one as we speak. However, our usually cold hearts were warmed by the news that Xerox and its agency Young & Rubicam had won a gong for its ‘A World Made Simpler’ campaign. They won the Grand Prix Content Award at the Braves – the Oscars of the branded video world – at a red carpet event in central London.


Business video is often where the greatest challenge lies; how to create a compelling narrative around a seemingly dry subject. And subjects don’t come much drier than photocopying. Amidst the more glamorous winners such as Hyundai and Sony, the Xerox film stands out as a great example of a good visual idea combined with strong storytelling with emotional resonance.

The film uses Xerox’s iconic copier paper to build a narrative about how technology is making life simpler. Its marketing message is how Xerox has transformed itself from a copier company into a leading business service provider. To date, it’s had over 650, 000 views on YouTube. Not bad for a business video on a dry subject that – unlike some of the other winners – clearly didn’t have an astronomical budget.


So congrats to Xerox, a worthy winner. We’ll never think of you as just a photocopying company again. See, it worked on me!


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