Click-to-Buy Video is the new Black

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Click-to-Buy Video is the new Black

| Uncategorized | April 20, 2012

OK it’s been around for a while, but click-to-buy video is finally finding its feet. Retailers, in particular fashion brands, are waking up to the potential of this technology that allows viewers to gain more information about a product by hovering over the item and then clicking through to the e-commerce site to buy the chosen product. For example Tommy Hilfiger has launched a series of clickable videos that generate product information and link to its e-commerce system. And Gucci has hopped on the bandwagon and just released this video.

Click-to-buy video and fashion are a perfect fit so what’s been holding it back? In the past the technology was clunky, users were maybe not ready for it and retailers found it expensive and difficult to manage. The whole experience was not a cool one so what’s changed? The commissioning of video has come down in price and video makers are getting more creative. Instead of just adding hotspots, they are integrating the technology in a myriad of imaginative ways. Take this example for the Only fashion brand.

So what’s next? Well, no doubt we’ll see more of it as brands take on board interactive video as a new sales channel and as success stories are shared. To date a lot of this technology has been developed in flash. The advertising community is snubbing flash now due to the incredible rise of mobile devices. Therefore it will take a smart company with what is already a great interactive product to develop that product in HTML5.

So does anyone know any smart video content companies with a great flash product that could develop it in HTML5 by early Summer? Hmm I wonder…
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