B2B Video: What a Difference a Year Makes.

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B2B Video: What a Difference a Year Makes.

| Uncategorized | November 05, 2012

A year is a long time in video. We appeared at the 2011 B2B Marketing conference to a mixture of disinterest and laughter at our jodphurs and monocles. Video? Why do I need video? “I like videos of a child biting another’s finger but really, why should I, Mister Marketing Manager, produce a video that doesn’t get me ROI and data?”… Of course MM’s just love data.
2012 is all so different. So what sort of video should I be commissioning? How do I tell my company’s story? How much does it cost? Can your really good looking Commercial Director appear in our film? Well sort of…
Video (a tad behind social media, they should of course have been intertwined) was all over the conference. In total, over 20 films were shown by speakers. 2 TV crews were there to pick up interviews and all (without exception) saw video as a key component to their marketing plans for 2013.
Don’t get us wrong, data is still so important (they still want to know all about us) it’s just that video and storytelling is being seen as a necessary way to impart information. If that means not knowing the mother’s maiden name of the person watching then so be it. Distribution and targetting will be the key points now as companies plot their video strategies. The fun is just beginning.
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