Another day, another technology film.

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Another day, another technology film.

| Uncategorized | October 21, 2011

Fast becoming the technology filmmakers du jour, ThePeloton is pleased to reveal the latest series of videos for IDG Communications and the new Samsung Galaxy Tab. IDG Comms not only has its own websites but it can also pass content on to the rest of its network of hundreds of partner tech sites. Therefore increasing potential audience into 10s of millions of tech users. That’s like the BBC + ITV most evenings.

In this instance, it wanted a range of people to play with and give their impressions of this rival to Apple’s Ipad. We quite like the Tab because it handles flash better; so we’ll be kitting ourselves out with them soon. In the meantime click on this site and take a look at the films. There’ll be nothing you don’t know…. about anything, ever… after that. www.pcadvisor.co.uk .

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