5 Predictions for Video in 2013

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5 Predictions for Video in 2013

| Uncategorized | January 04, 2013

Psst… just between you and ThePeloton, here is what will happen in video in 2013. We will look back in December and see what came true – all of it obviously!
1. YouTube
YouTube’s owned channels will multiply in 2013. As advertisers continue to pour money into online video advertising, views must be created to supply their demand. YouTube the broadcaster will be there to satisfy that demand as they commission producers to make proper programmes that people will actually watch. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/oct/08/youtube-tv-60-new-channels
2. DSLR shoots 
So there we were all happily shooting away on solid broadcast kit and then along comes Canon with its pretty and natty 5D DSLRs and we have all had to train up and start shooting artfully. IT people speaking about the cloud is now an art form, with shallow depth of field, rich colour and filmic quality… yes really. It’s all in the lenses and filters. We must say it does look very nice and so much more artful. http://mynikonlife.com.au/pro/pro-news/nikon-d4-first-dslr-camera-fit-for-broadcast
3. Click to Buy
Have we mentioned this before? The Guardian and Channel 5 are rolling this out in 2013. Peloton’s film with Cissy Wears in February promises to be an award winner. It allows people to buy products from their video screen, or answer questions, or find out more info. Whats not to like? YouTube has its own plug-ins now so interactivity is available to all. http://www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/interactive/2012/dec/07/sali-hughes-beauty-tips-party-nails?INTCMP=SRCH
4. Interactive stories
Interactive video allows video story makers to produce jeopardy stories a bit like Dungeons and Dragons, just a bit less weird. So, creative storytellers can make lovely films and animations that make them relevant to you. You can use Facebook logins and have your friends as cast members. Simple technology but can be hours of fun for all the family… In 2013 Adrian is already refusing to play Operation (a series of losses) at Peloton Towers over Christmas, I think we’ll have a ready replacement – hours of fun…. http://mndr.omusicawards.com/
5. Media Co’s as broadcasters
This has been in our predictions list since 1976. However, as media companies see that last dribble of internet and print revenue dry up and all of that once densely populated office space becomes an archive of wasted data and last year’s editorial columns, the last bright spark will pick up a camera and press play.  2012 has seen more video created by media companies than ever. in 2013 some of it will actually be quite good. They have the audiences and the writers and video is where the advertising £ hence this year is the year that media co’s properly produce video…. And that could actually be quite exciting…. http://www.brandrepublic.com/news/1162255/
Good luck in 2013 one and all,
The Peloton
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