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YouTube: the new TV Commissioners.

| Technology | April 04, 2013

You heard it here first..honest, guv. At the beginning of the year we predicted that YouTube would start becoming a more powerful player in British media. That prediction is rapidly becoming a reality.
YT (as we know it) recently announced that it now gains a billion unique viewers every month. This phenomenal surge has been powered to new heights by multiscreen viewing habits. It’s also changing its business model and moving from being an aggregator to becoming a content commissioner.
In Europe, YT has already launched 46 new channels with comedy, food and sport central to its plans. And this change to the broadcast landscape is great news for independent online video producers (such as us lucky folk). 
ThePeloton is filming the YT star KSI touring around the grounds of English Premier League teams talking (rather loudly) to supporters, getting their opinions (winding them up) and finding the game’s biggest rivals (Norwich vs Ipswich anybody?). KSI has already got over a million subscribers to his own YT channel, so he must be doing something right!
ThePeloton’s films will be posted regularly on the YT channel, Slash Football. Take a look.
And here’s a taste of what to expect from ThePeloton, KSI and Slash Football over the coming year.
Next stop on our road trip..Old Trafford.
It’s footy, it’s fun, it’s ThePeloton…what’s not to like?
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