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Interactive Video Just Got Better

| News, Technology | July 08, 2013

ThePeloton.tv are proud to announce that their in-house development team have released Version 5 of Interactive Video. This means that our technology is the quickest, intelligent and robust on the planet.

The new framework is built around HTML5 which means that interactive video will play seamlessly on tablets as well as desktops and notebooks.

This is fantastic news for the video industry. Interactive video transforms how video can be measured as the user manipulates the story and content to suit their needs. Behind each video sits a dashboard and analytic engine that collects the data as the user views the film.

We have seen that interactive video can be highly valuable for…
Customer Services
Company introduction
Sales videos
Competition and Quizzes
Chaptered story telling

There is so much more than writing lists allows. Take a look at our showreel, then decide what you think it could be used for….

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