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Get Shorty and other industry killers..

| News | May 07, 2013

As you will know, one of those feted ad creative people made a statement at the recent Ad Week that the 30 second commercial is dead. It’s either long (3 min + ) or very short.. i.e. 5 or 6 seconds.
When one of my after-first-glass-of-wine Twitter posts suggested that ad land had been seriously compromised by Twitter and YouTube, the response from one of my many followers was that this man was a genius of the branded communication, in touch with the nation’s psyche and he is the Pied Piper to who’s tune we all follow.
Well fawning advertising dreamer, Twitter’s new video service, called Vine, allows anyone to put a 6 second film on their feed to their users. Therefore, instead of ad-land’s £100k+, it costs about 10p (that’s time of the employee paid to film it).
YouTube and its 5 second “turn this ad off’ badge is the other industry killer. Giving people the opportunity to switch off an ad after 5 seconds will hurt for a number of reasons; it shows the client the value users put to advertising; they can’t set the scene any more; the process of making online ads is so much easier and therefore a margin killer; they might have to make 5 second films packed full of ‘buy this’ type messages and the creative process may well just shrivel up and die.
So, as a service to our friends in ad-land (not many admittedly), here’s some help for your new 5 second films…  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saqO_ZqX6uY
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