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Creating Video Content for Financial Marketers

| News, Video Content, Video Marketing | November 25, 2015

Around 70 of the great and good of the financial marketing world gathered in the City recently to hear words of wisdom from a number of industry experts. ThePeloton’s creative team members (Matt and Adrian) were joined by execs. from Oban Digital and Addition + to discuss digital innovations in the finance sector. The whole jamboree was astutely hosted by the upstanding Joel Harrison from B2B Marketing.

The main thrust of The Peloton’s message was: get yourself a video strategy and don’t waste money. Here are the top 5 takeaways from the presentation:-

1 – Create a hub for your content, a visually attractive and content-rich place to host your videos.
2 – Before you start the commissioning process, put some thought into who your audience is and what kind of content they potentially want or need.
3 – Strive to create engaging, imaginative content that goes beyond the ’roundtable’. Encourage and embrace viewer comments (even if they are negative).
4 – YouTube is great for SEO and number of views, not so great for the quality of audience data that it offers you. So consider alternative platforms that gather and offer richer data that can be used for lead generation and honing your marketing message.
5 – Don’t be ripped off. These days, video content is affordable for almost all budgets.

Although the presentation was aimed at the financial sector, we do feel these pointers are relevant across almost all verticals. If you want to hear more from us about video strategy or our services, then do get in touch.


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