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Best Interactive Videos of 2015

| Interactive video, News | December 21, 2015

Those of you who have followed ThePeloton’s trajectory will know that we offer an interactive video service with a viewer data gathering function second to none. Next year this service will be rebranded as IVDO. Ahead of this move, we’ve decided to stick with our old tradition and offer up ThePeloton’s Festive Top 5 Interactive Videos. We hope they whet the appetite for 2016, which is due to be a very exciting year for ThePeloton and for the interactive video market.

Number 5. The American cosmetic brand Covergirl jumped on the Star Wars bandwagon (well everyone else has so why not) with this well-produced click-to-buy video.

Number 4. Fisherman’s Friend claimed to offer the world’s first interactive on Twitter this year. And – even better – it allows you to become the star!

Number 3. Those learned folk at the Cambridge University Press used ThePeloton’s interactive service in 2015 to create a number of successful demo videos for their online language services.
With impressive results…

Number 2. The Digital Deadly Sins. Nicely shot interviews and additional text and images- all housed in a good-looking online hub. Thumbs up for The Guardian which has championed interactive content for many years now.

And finally, our Number 1 interactive video for 2015 is Usher. This powerful and confrontational music video dares viewers to turn away from the on-screen scenes. Using face recognition technology, the video pauses if you look away or switch to another tab.

Happy Christmas to all our customers!


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