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ROI From Video? No problem

| Interactive video | June 25, 2015

In B2B, marketing ROI is still king. Video could be its queen. If you took a poll of B2B marketing managers on what they would like to produce more of it would be online video of one form or another.

However the reason that video is not Queen but more lady in waiting is that video doesn’t offer demonstrable ROI. You cannot attribute leads, sales or enquiry through your online video. YouTube (generally the platform for B2B marketing video) does not share its user data so you don’t know who is watching your video, this means that demonstrating its effect to the board is pretty tough.

If you use marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot and its Wistia integration then all ROI issues are met (see the promo here) However this means that you lose the share-ability benefits of being on YouTube and besides marketing automation doesn’t suit all… Problems, problems.

YouTube gives with one hand and takes away with the other, and very large hands they both are too. In the first place annotations (highlighted hotspots on your video) can direct people back to your website. Once there you can then ask people to find out more about you and, if impressed, they can leave their details for you to continue marketing. But, they keep the data!!.

The answer to the video ROI conundrum are the technology companies that are springing up who take video allow it to be interactive and capture that users data. Take this training film we made as an example…

If the viewer answers the 8 questions correctly on screen they will get a certificate generated by the video. There is also all of the data collected of the users who don’t go all the way – maybe answer a few questions etc. So Video ROI solved.

This video on the Net a Porter site using Cinematique’s technology allows you to buy from the screen – Again, video ROI solved.

These can be distributed through social media and your own channels and websites. So to us it’s a no brainer.

If you want us to make recommendations on how interactive video could meet your objectives email jon@thepeloton.tv and we’ll gladly take a look.

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