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B2B Video: Going Beyond Brand Awareness.

| Interactive video, Video Content | July 27, 2015

The stats don’t lie. More and more of the world’s top brands are engaging with video like never before. And YouTube is the chosen platform. According to a new report, the Top 100 brands are collectively uploading a video to YouTube every 18.5 minutes and have an average of 2.4 channels each.

It’s easy to see why. YT is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine so it’s great for SEO. And it’s a platform that offers you the greatest number of potential viewers and hence customers.

A recent video from one of our favourite Googlers, Richard Robinson sets out the case for all brands to have a video strategy. He says it should be based around the three H’s – Hygiene (content that people actually need); Hero (content that inspires) and Hub (where all that good content is housed, YouTube natch).


Now it’s all stirring stuff and music to our ears. But is having thousands/millions of views good enough anymore? Are those viewers actually engaging with the video content or just clicking away? And do you – as a B2B brand – really benefit apart from a rise in brand awareness from the public?

YouTube and ultimately Google benefit greatly from your nicely produced, well received and reasonably expensive video content, as they keep most of your viewer data and don’t share it with the content creators and commissioners. In fact your customer, has now become their customer. And they’re selling that data on and watching the cash roll in. So what to do?

Well we’d like to add an extra letter to Google’s three H’s. It’s the letter D for data. Different platforms may not offer the SEO benefits of YouTube but they may offer you the opportunity to gather the data that rightfully belongs to you.

Interactive video players (Peloton’s own, Rapt, Wirewax and more) commercial video systems (Vidyard, Brightcove) can gather a lot more precious viewer data than YouTube and the viewer/customer data can be delivered to you via a bespoke client dashboard. Therefore, for B2B brands, it’s no longer just a numbers’ game. Quality is becoming more important than quantity and your viewer data is becoming more important as video becomes a source of lead generation. So if you’re shelling out for video, then surely that data should belong to you – the brand – and not Google almighty.

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