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The Top 5 Interactive Videos in 2014.

| Interactive video | December 30, 2014

From major brands to news organisations to country music stars, in 2014  interactive video started to span out into all sorts of new areas with really exciting results. We believe that the key is to use a bit of imagination and deliver great UX (user experience – I know, I know..).  Every year we showcase our five favourite films. So here it is, ThePeloton’s top 5 list of interactive videos in 2014:-
Number 5 – Gucci.
Call them shoppable, clickable or even touchable videos, in fact call them what you like, but retailers really got interactivity in 2014. Here’s a really rather decent video produced for Gucci.
Number 4 – Jon Pardi.
The key question for fans of the American country music star Jon Pardi (no, me neither) was whiskey or beer. Yes, you get to make a load of choices in this interactive musical adventure film, if you so want.
Number 3 – Red Bull.
Obviously Red Bull doing cool stuff is nothing new, but we particularly liked this immersive windsurfing film where you get to play around with the 360 degrees panoramic viewpoint.
Number 2 – The Wall Street Journal.
If those venerable folk over at the Wall Street Journal think interactive video is worth investing in, then it really is time to sit up and take notice.
Number 1 – Honda.
The carmaker grabs this year’s top spot with an innovative film called ‘The Other Side’. Just press ‘R’ whilst the film plays and you get a parallel story. Big budget but who cares when the user experience is this good (yes, we love great UX).
See you in 2015…you have been watching.
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