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Introducing: Peloton’s Interactive Video Player

| Interactive video | October 13, 2014

Regular visitors to this blog and and our site will know that ThePeloton.tv is a video content producer; a production company that specialises in editorial and business content. It’s what the team make lots of.

However those paying special attention will also be aware that we have an interactive video section on this site. That’s because we believe that interactive video is the natural evolution of online video. It’s video that you can interact with, using the internet as it should be used.

Our head of development Geoff Butler and his team have been foregoing sleep, food and sanity to produce our very own player that’s born, developed and funded in the UK. And guess what, it’s better than anything else that’s out there.

This version works not just on desktops and laptops but also tablets and some phones (sorry Iphone users, it just won’t work on your phone until Apple changes how video is loaded).

Click the play triangle and have a go, it won’t bite. In fact if you leave your email address we’ll be back in touch to tell you what you did with the film because we know these things…




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