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And the award for Best Use of Interactive Video goes to…

| Interactive video | April 15, 2015

Now the Oscars are out of the way, the last big event of the awards season is nearly upon us. It’s The Webbys which has been honouring excellence on the internet for the last 19 years.
It cover such dynamic digital industry sectors such as social and mobile, but we thought we’d have a gander at the nominees in a category close to our heart, Best Use of Interactive Video. For those of you who have so far not engaged with interactive video you must. It’s an innovation that adds an extra layer which allows the viewer to respond to the content – its like video +, video as the web intended. ThePeloton has been at the heart of developing interactive video for the last few years, so we do have a few strong opinions on such matters. Anyhow, here are our thoughts on a few of the nominees…


We believe that the favourite in this category is clearly ‘The Other Side’ created for Honda. It tells the story of an ordinary guy with a double life. When you press and hold the ‘R’ button on your keyboard, the scene switches to a parallel story. The two scenes are edited seamlessly. It’s definitely caught the imagination of the punters and the mainstream media, even the trailer has received over 4 million views on YouTube.


Interactive video can often be a bit gimmicky. The interactivity can often detract from the content and annoy the viewer. But we think that Ikea have got it about right with ‘Where the Good Days Start’. It’s a truly immersive experience, where you can dive off into mini-films and a variety of interactive elements by simply tapping the space bar. What’s more it’s functional as it  shows off Ikea’s goods in an attractive way.


One more film that’s worth a mention, is Pepsi’s ‘Now is What we Make it’. It didn’t manage to make the official short list but it is an honouree. It uses the city of Rio De Janeiro as a backdrop and allows the viewer to interact with the content so they can create their own musical journey. It’s good fun but it doesn’t get our vote, as it’s ruined one of our favourite David Bowie songs.


You don’t have long to cast your vote, over half a million people have already had their say. We’ve not decided yet. But we’ll keep you posted when the results are released.

Not included in the Webbys but note-worthy all the same, followers of this blog will know that the music industry has been an early adopter of this technology. One video released recently is Led Zeppelin’s interactive video for ‘Brandy and Coke’. They take the cover illustration of the album Physical Graffiti, and make it come alive, keep an eye on next years nominees for that one.


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