Any Video Can Be Interactive — And Soon, They All Will Be.

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Any Video Can Be Interactive — And Soon, They All Will Be.

| Interactive video | August 18, 2014

I stole this headline from Mashable. Even though they are Mashable’s words
they are ours too. So between the two of us we are creating a cacophony (if 2
organisations can create a cacophony) around interactive video and that it’s
the future of video on the internet.

Interactive video (IV) has been around for quite some time. The Mashable article
dates it back to 2005. However video hasn’t, until recently, become an integral
form of communication on the internet so IV’s impact has been minimal.

Artists and musicians have been using IV increasingly. Arcade Fire has been
particular proponents. Bob Dylan has been ‘insanely cool’ with his video for
Like a Rolling Stone
and Pharrell Williams 24 hour interactive video for Happy
(http://24hoursofhappy.com) has hit well over 10 million views.

The music industry, Mashable and ThePeloton are not alone in their belief that
interactive video is the future. US start-ups have found investors keen to fund
this development. Rapt Media is at $7.5 million of fundraising in its desire
to become the name in interactive video.

What ThePeloton are interested in is the commercial application of interactive video. We
believe that, like Mashable, all video will be one day be interactive. It’s using the
internet how it should be used. We’re fighting the cause on this side of the Atlantic
with our technology which has been funded by us. We have lived on bread and
milk, sweated over code and are releasing our technology that goes way deeper
than any other we have found on our global search.

With companies keen on results and return on investment, our interactive video
solution offers just that. A dashboard that can tell you what your users are
interested in, the choices they have made, the products they have clicked on.
E-Commerce, E-Learning, research and data are all areas that we will be working
with clients on over this next year and we shall be using our blog to
demonstrate that we are indeed all about action as well as words.

This link (http://mashable.com/2014/07/01/fuisz-interactive-online-videos/) will
take you to the Mashable article. Tune in soon for more IV scoops.

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