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Video: The How-To-Guide

| General, News | September 09, 2013

‘How much?’ is normally the first question that gets asked about making video. The second one is ‘What happens now?’. It appears to us that the process of creating a video is not altogether obvious. In fact, having dealt with some creative agencies, it can be shrouded in mystery (hence the ‘how much’ question always coming first).

So, as part of a public service to marketing people across the globe, here is a 6 part written series (soon to be captured on celluloid) on demystifying the process of producing video.

Now is the time to read this. It’s an important read. You will no doubt be thinking that your company should be commissioning a video and the first people you should go to will be your retained creative agency. It is very unlikely that they will know how to produce video content, however they will be skilled in the art of producing advertising and the costs associated with it.

So to balance out the advice that you will be getting from your marketing advisors, this will be a step-by-step guide to commissioning, producing and distributing video. This series will demonstrate quite how simple this process is as long as you ask yourselves the right questions, you choose the right process and the right partner and you take some time to prepare.

Part 1 – Pre-production – Where everything becomes so simple.
Part 2 – Production – The shoot, the kit, the setting, the people (all of which will be decided in step 1).
Part 3 – Post-Production – The kit, the method, the time (all of which will also be decided in part 1).
Part 4 – Distribution – Getting your films seen (ditto points 2 and 3).

Our advice… if nothing else… read Part 1. See you next time week and make sure you are sitting comfortably.


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