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The Peloton are Certified

| General, News, Technology | April 23, 2014

YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine. YouTube grows daily in terms of users (1 billion unique users per month, 1 hour watched for every person on the planet!). While there is a perception that YouTube is for cat lovers and teens, this is slowly being dispelled and there is evidence that the grown-ups are using YouTube and regularly. Our blog post on Top B2B YouTube channels showed that serious brands with serious content are getting very impressive views and subs. numbers (take a bow Volvo Trucks, Intel and Cisco).

You will be aware that we have worked with IMG on the YouTube/football channel. An eye opener for all parties on how to produce content that attracts more users and establishes a personality in its own right. We produced weekly shows with YouTube stars like KSI and one-off content with the aim of encouraging the audience to share with their friends and grow the audience organically. Nearly 250,000 subscribers, a job well done and invaluable experience into growing audiences online with video.

This experience allowed us to be fortunate enough to be invited to the YouTube Certification Programme. This enabled us to get access into the learnings behind YouTube’s 9 years of life to date. As a result ThePeloton.tv are now officially YouTube Certified.

The Audience Growth course took in a number of components including: content strategy; brand presence; platform strategy and rights management amongst others. One exam pass later and it appears that we are the only YouTube Certified business and factual video agency in Europe.

This means that we can support and advise our customers and help make their YouTube journey a success. From studying the output they currently produce and the video analytics, we will look to build a coherent video strategy that will have the best chances of working on this platform.

For an informal chat on your YouTube plans, get in touch on the usual numbers.


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