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How to get YouTube Views

| General, Technology | June 13, 2013

We have been working with leading sports agency IMG and YouTube specialists Base79 in producing some of the lovely football content we have mentioned in this blog and you will see elsewhere on our site.

One of the biggest challenges for producing content on YouTube is getting views. Decades worth of video are uploaded daily to YouTube and standing out from the crowd and getting good views for your films, however well produced, is a challenge beyond most. You either need to make it happen by spending a fortune in pointing people there, or know how to do it… or at least give yourself a sporting chance.

Of course tagging, metadata, using your friends, understanding social media and a good film are all important. But there needs to be a collective effort to start getting the film to spread. If you have the budget there are video distribution companies around who will charge you £150+ per thousand complete views of your film.

Our work with YouTube star KSI Olajidebt has shown that there is another way and it is to work with YouTube stars. We are not talking Heat magazine, TOWIE, Hello-type celebrities. There are a whole number of YouTube stars that have worked hard, produced a load of content and now are massive YouTube stars in their own rights.

KSI – 2.4 million subscribers
Michelle Phan – 4.2 million subs
Shane Dawson – 4.4 million subs
Epic Meal Time – 5.1 million subs
Freddie Wong – 5.7 million subs
PewDiePie – 8.7 million subs
Ryan Hiha – 8.7 million subs
RayWilliamJohnson – 9.1 million subs
JennaMarbles – 9.3 million subs
Smosh – 10.4 million subs

The challenge is to find the next bunch of YouTube stars. We have some attending the Peloton talent factory and we are like their dad protective, guiding… a little embarrassing.

A business that offers creative freedom to these people to associate with them will get their videos seen by millions, should that be the wish.


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