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Green shoots of Recovery for Publishers

| General | February 22, 2013

There seems to be a lot of conferences about at the moment. I wonder how many people actually do any work. We are no different in not doing any work due to attending an astounding number of conferences. But at least we know a lot.

This week saw Briefing Media’s Digital Strategies conference. It was for media companies looking to do things better digitally. Blog followers will know that we have been interested in this for some time. We believe that media companies offer a stamp of independence and just as importantly an audience that no-one else can match. And, when brands realise that, much fun can be had with branded content.

Usually, I come away from these a little depressed in that media companies don’t know the opportunity in front of them. I am not saying that this was full of optimism and that delegates were their old, dare-I-say, arrogant selves. But, like an addict, they are coming back from rock bottom taking it a day at a time.

Publishers of old used to work on enormous margins. That these have gone down so dramatically is what has hurt the most. It seems that the organisations that have been the most willing to accept that and move on, rather than maintain their ‘old World’ products, are looking like the victors here.

So companies like Future, Immediate Media, the FT and The Economist have some really great ideas and people that they are willing to invest in. Guess what, it seems that investment works.

They are winning over their advertisers too. Large and niche publishers had great examples of creating strong content sponsored by clients and not lead by them. This wins them big fees, which in turn can get invested in products which in turn brings in more readers.

Undoubtedly things will continue to change and move quickly and who can guess what’s going to happen in 5 years. Certainly not me and pretty sure none of the delegates.



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