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Business Video: What Lies Beneath.

| General, Video Content, Video Production | March 14, 2016

Now we all like a good analogy over here at Peloton Central, so we thought we’d use an iceberg to explain the range and options open for companies to utilise video. Why? Well gather round and let us explain.

The tip of video’s iceberg is B2C content. This is high profile content aimed at the general public and is often housed on YouTube or Vimeo in order to gain the maximum traction and viewer numbers.

Just below the surface is B2B video (B2C’s slightly less glamorous sister). It’s used primarily to explain services to potential customers and clients. But that doesn’t mean that the content should be boring. According to a new report from Clean Cut Media, B2B videos need to be as engaging as B2C videos, you just need a bit of imagination and some understanding of your audience.

Down deeper below the surface is recruitment video content. It’s a great way of explaining a company culture to potential new recruits. But it’s also employed by the HR department to make the staff feel warm and fuzzy.

Internal comms. is a growing area that is often employed by global companies to convey management messages to large numbers of staff often in many different offices. Video is a much more effective way of getting across a company ethos than sending endless emails that are often unopened.

Finally, there is learning and development. It’s video content used for training purposes and tends to be a relatively cheap way of training staff in areas such as health and safety; company policy; legal compliance etc.

In conclusion, video is not just about capturing and illustrating the glamorous bit of your business for the public or your potential customers. It can and should be used for many different functions within a business and can serve a multitude of purposes. And it can be really cost effective if you spread the costs of producing video content across different departments.

OK, analogy over…


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